Grant funding

Since completing my PhD in 2010, I have secured $2.6 million of research funding through competitive proposals in Canada (NSERC, ORF, CFI) and the European Union. I have also consulted for the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization. My ORCID page lists some specs on these grants.

2016-2023: NSERC Discovery Grant (Computer Science panel), Sustainability design in software and information systems engineering

2019: NSERC Engage Grant, Data-intensive curation of sustainability assessments with Sustainalytics (see NSERC database entry)

2016-2019: University of Toronto Connaught New Researcher Award (Social Sciences panel), The sustainability debt of software design projects

2016-2026: Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) & Ontario Ministry of Innovation (MRI) John Evans Leadership Fund – Lab infrastructure development and operations, Data-intensive approaches to digital curation

2012-2016: Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF), Information & Communication Technologies call, BenchmarkDP: Systematic approaches to evaluate and compare digital preservation systems & processes

2012: United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Consulting contract, Decision support in digital preservation

2011-2014: European Commission, Framework Program 7, ICT, SCAPE: Scalable Preservation Environments