I have had the great pleasure of working with some amazing PhD students who have graduated at the University of Toronto: Dawn Walker, Curtis McCord and Emily Maemura.

I am currently having the equally great pleasure of working with Han Qiao and Eshta Bhardwaj. See https://justsustainabilitydesign.org/!

And I am looking for more PhD students to work with me! Please get in touch if my research areas appeal to you.


My teaching, like my research, combines a computer science and engineering background with a commitment to humanistic values, social science methods, critical thinking and the crossing of disciplinary boundaries. I believe these crossings must be central to teaching information, since most concerns of relevance in our field require us to take the social and the technological and the human equally seriously. Teaching discrete technical skills remains a central component of graduate professional education, but future professionals need to develop systemic ways of thinking and acting to integrate and synthesize these skills.

I will update this page eventually – for now, here are courses I have taught at Toronto. The syllabus for some of these can be found at the Faculty of Information website.

  • INF2230: Just Sustainability Design
  • INF1005/1006: Systems Thinking, Systems Design
  • INF1342: System Requirements and Architectural Design
  • INF2194 Information Systems Design Project
  • INF2122: Digital Preservation and Curation
  • INF2308: Digital Preservation Planning
  • CCT301: Design for Online Culture