People I work with

If only there was a good photo of all the marvelous people I get to work with! Here’s the most recent attempt for a group picture of (most of) the Systems Design Studio team last winter… little did we know covid19 would shut down this room for a long time.

Systems Design Studio

Current group members

Curtis McCord, PhD candidate

Dawn Walker, PhD candidate

Victoria Palacin, DCI Fellow

Jules Phillipps, MI graduate student

Past group members

(2019-2020) Dr. Fabian Fagerholm, PostDoctoral Fellow (now Senior University Lecturer in Computer Science at Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland)

(2019-2020) Andres de los Rios, MI graduate student

(2014-2020) Emily Maemura, PhD candidate

(2015-2019) Dr. Nathan Moles, PhD student, Faculty of Information

(2019) Rachel Booth, MI graduate student

(2019) Tara Tang, MI graduate student

(2019) Enning Zhang, MI graduate student

(2018-2019) Aman Biswas, MI graduate student

(2018-2019) Tina Deng, MI graduate student

(2015-2016) Jessica Mann, MI graduate student

(2015-2016) Jessica Whyte, MI graduate student

Fellows at the Digital Curation Institute

As Director of the Digital Curation Institute, I created the DCI Fellowship program in 2016 and have had the pleasure of working with an array of incredible Fellows since then –

Prof. Ian Milligan, University of Waterloo (Fellowship announcement)

Dr. Maria Angela Ferrario, Lecturer in Digital Technology and Environmental Change at the University of Lancaster, UK (Fellowship announcement)

Victoria Palacin, PhD candidate at LUT University and previously an affiliate scholar at the MIT Center for Civic Media  (Fellowship announcement)

Industry partners

I am currently collaborating with two industry partners:

  • Sustainalytics, the leading independent global provider of ESG and corporate governance research and ratings to investors. (NSERC Engage project)
  • S4N, an innovative Colombia-based software company with an amazing team!

Previously, I collaborated in European Framework projects with SMEs such as KEEP Solutions and industrial research groups at Microsoft Research Cambridge and the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering, and I supervised the team of students who founded – one of the groundbreaking and most highly valued startups in the mobile diabetes app universe.

I have also long collaborated with national archives in Europe and national as well as academic libraries in Europe and North America, and with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in the BenchmarkDP project.

Academic Collaborators

As co-founder of the Karlskrona Manifesto for Sustainability Design, I am blessed with a fabulous group of collaborators in Europe and North America.

In addition, I am always looking out for synergies, especially across disciplines (see our workshop at PDC 2020 for an example). Some recent collaborators: